Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Close but no cigar

I woke up early and figured I'd log in before starting my day. I quickly grab a Rifter and jumping into Amamake I see another Rifter on my directional at one of the belts. I warp in and get into orbit around him awaiting the barrage of projectile ammo that usually follows, but nothing happens.

He is 0.1 security status so I can't engage per Uni rules, so we just look at each other for 30seconds.

I convo him and explain he'll have to engage first- he is more than happy to oblige. He starts eating away at my shields and I return with scram and webs, but only a couple seconds later realize I missed activating my guns. Halfway through my shields I start putting the hurt on him.

Surprisingly though I catch up! We both break armor around the same time. Halfway through armor I see he is taking the lead and start hoping my damage control unit is enough to keep me in the game. Stupidly enough I only realize then that because I was using orbit and he was approaching, our angular was pretty much zero, allowing him to put full damage on me. My DCU1 just couldn't keep up.

I 'splode.

My main tactic was to kite him with barrage ammo and keep him at range with my point and web, that tactic worked for the first half of the fight, but looking at the replay I believe he switched to long range ammo which turned the fight into a numbers game- and he just had bigger numbers than me (ladies?).

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